phone and laptop repair

If your laptop is broken, not working properly and is in need of repair, Phones R Fixed is here to help! We are experienced at it .

interior network installation

I.C.TECH PARTNER is your destination for a professional interior network installation services. Discover our technology !

server installation

I.C.TECH offers installation maintenance and upgrades of business computer networks. Companies that do not have security in their offices, or have the space to hold a free standing rack will hugely benefit from using our server installation & maintenance services.

API Testing Automation

Make sure any APIs you use — whether third-party or your own — work as expected no matter what. With automation, API testing becomes an easy task that can be completed faster.

Performance Testing

Website/application crash is the most concerning issue which results in site abandonment. I.C.TECH PARTNER performance testing services make the product to withstand the extensive load. Our dedicated QA team has expertise in the testing system across a high volume for complex applications.

Security Camera Maintenance & Repair

Work directly with an expert security designers, We can maintain your system whether it is commercial, residential or industrial.

Alarm Installation

we offer a great security alarm system installed by professional team it is a proven method of criminal activity deterrence, as well as an effective, quick response to home or business intrusion.

Security Cameras Installation

Security Products is your way to protect your business you can get it specifically tailored for you. we provide it with fast and professional security installation services .


We focus on the IT solutions, so you can focus on your business. See what we can do for you today!

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