Progressive Web App (PWA) Development

We provide excellence in Progressive Web Applications (PWA) development services to create apps that ensure seamless performance.

Android App Development

We are a leading Android app development company offering bespoke Android mobile app solutions for global brands.

phone and laptop repair

If your laptop is broken, not working properly and is in need of repair, Phones R Fixed is here to help! We are experienced at it .

interior network installation

I.C.TECH PARTNER is your destination for a professional interior network installation services. Discover our technology !

cashier system

I.C.TECH PARTNER offers solutions that optimize efficiencies, enhance customer service and provide owners and management the business insight to provide improved productivity and maintain a lower cost.

smart door lock installation

The Best Smart Locks for 2020 Keys are so 20th century. A connected lock offers both security and flexibility, letting you control access to your home with your phone.

server installation

I.C.TECH offers installation maintenance and upgrades of business computer networks. Companies that do not have security in their offices, or have the space to hold a free standing rack will hugely benefit from using our server installation & maintenance services.

hotel management system

I.C.TECH team Succeeded to developed a great hotel management system that helps clients to leverage emerging technologies .

Custom Chatbots

We are humans and we propose a chatbot development strategy that will be a perfect fit for your business goals and end user experience. Let the bots do what they are made for!

Advanced Predictive Business Analytics

We help you in taking proactive business decisions to minimize risks and achieve the results. Our experts develop and deploy advanced predictive analytics solutions to your existing system applications leveraging AI and Machine Learning algorithms.

API Testing Automation

Make sure any APIs you use — whether third-party or your own — work as expected no matter what. With automation, API testing becomes an easy task that can be completed faster.

Performance Testing

Website/application crash is the most concerning issue which results in site abandonment. I.C.TECH PARTNER performance testing services make the product to withstand the extensive load. Our dedicated QA team has expertise in the testing system across a high volume for complex applications.

Mobile App Testing

Mobility is a critical part of every organization’s strategy. Often functional defects and poor user experience forbid its usage. QA team is all equipped to deal with the device complexities and handle users’ queries by mobile testing expertise.

Site speed optimization

Did you know that website speed affect your search engine ranking? Don't wait any longer make your website faster, our team will give suggestions and provide you with a detailed website optimization .

Media Buying

No campaign is complete without TV commercials, radio promotions & outdoor ad.We have formed a relationship with many channels which happily allows us to provide a media buying service to our clients.

Social Media Marketing

Reach new customers & increase brand awareness. Expertly managed social media marketing. Certified social media experts. Packaged options. No long contracts.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We help you develop the content of your website to connect with your customers. We also optimize your online presence to score higher on Google search results.

Android App Development

Our diligent approach allows us to undertake mobile application projects. On-time completion is guaranteed with a totally error free experience.

Video Management Software

We integrate video management software and commercial security systems to deliver proactive protection to your assets and customers.

Alarm Installation

we offer a great security alarm system installed by professional team it is a proven method of criminal activity deterrence, as well as an effective, quick response to home or business intrusion.

Security Camera Maintenance & Repair

Work directly with an expert security designers, We can maintain your system whether it is commercial, residential or industrial.

Security Cameras Installation

Security Products is your way to protect your business you can get it specifically tailored for you. we provide it with fast and professional security installation services .

Graphic Design

I.C.TECH is a graphic design agency , we combine enduring creative solutions with analytical strategic thinking to create captivating brand experiences. Each project is dealt with an experiment period . Bringing our clients’ stories and journeys to life is the most interesting part of our jobs.

Web Design

We create professional websites that can bring results and improve your online presence. Our website designing cost is the most affordable and the quality is of a very high standard. If you are looking for a great website design service with a cheap price call us now or select a suitable package


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